Osteopilates and the environment

Nowadays, it's an undisputed fact that our health is not only affected by our lifestyle, but also the food we eat and the air we breathe.

We all know that what we decide to buy and use - or not to buy and use - has a direct impact on the life and well being of others, and on the environment. The total eradication of forests in Africa and in Asia by large corporations for the construction of exotic wood furniture, which brings misery to local populations and contributes to the diminution of endangered spieces is such an example.

At Osteopilates, we have chosen to minimise our impact on the environment and the examples below demonstrate this.

osteopilates sign

The osteopathy practice and pilates studio was built in a barn conversion, a stone barn typical of the Lauragais architecture. Obviously, we realise this is not always possible, but the recyling of an original building through renovation is a respectful way to contribute to the environment which we have been fortunate enough to be able to carry out.

The Osteopilates sign outside the practice, by the roadside, was built from an old beam from the barn which was replaced, and the slate polished and engraved by a craftsman.

bamboo flooring

For the flooring, we chose bamboo, reason being that bamboo is a sustainable material with its extremely rapid growth rate - certain species can grow up to 1 metre per day! Apart from its exceptional growth rate, bamboo is easily grown not requiring much water nor needing grains or pesticides. It is a true natural and green resource as its energy consumption is minimal. The bamboo flooring which ressembles a wood with its bark still attached, has received many compliments - proof that respect for the environment and tasteful interior design can go hand in hand.


The walls were painted using Farrow & Ball paint. It may not be the cheapest of paints, but compared to many other manufacturers, Farrow & Ball continues to use natural components such as linseed oil and china clay, and does not use harmful substances such as ammonia and formaldehyde. VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels are so close to zero that they have been classified as 'Zero VOC' after having been tested by the United States Environmental Protection Agency standards. The other reason why we chose this brand is for their fabulous colours!


Our furniture was made locally. The rustic style coffee table in the waiting room and the coat hooks in the changing room were specially created for Osteopilates by craftsmen in the nearby Montagne, using a tree felled locally thus reducing the amount of energy needed to produce them to an absolute minimum.

coat hooks

At Osteopilates the cleaning products used come from Fleur des Mauges. Their products are exclusively vegetable based, do not use chemical or petrol based substances, are very efficient and smell just wonderful!

Last but not least, the pilates equipment in the studio is all provided by Balanced Body. Perhaps not the cheapest on the market, but for a very good reason: according to us it's the best on the market. What we particularly like about them is their ethics, they actively seek to reduce their impact on the environment, not only in their manufacturing process and distribution of their products but also in the working conditions within their company - for more information click here.

We choose our suppliers for the quality of their products and also their ethics. We believe that if everyone does the same, then together we can make a real, tangible impact.