19 February 2019 en Français
osteopathy practice and Pilates studio at Osteopilates
osteopathy: for who?

'sciatica' - digestive problems - muscle spasms - 'slipped discs' - poor posture (a few examples of conditions where osteopathy can help*)

At some point in our lives 4 out of 5 people will experience some form of intermittent or prolonged back pain. That’s a lot of pain!

Sometimes pain can also affect other parts of the body too - such as leg and buttock pain (commonly known as ‘sciatica’), and the neck and shoulders. It may cause unpleasant tingling or numbness into the arms, hands, legs or feet. In certain cases back pain accompanies digestive, menstrual, bowel or bladder problems - an osteopath can ascertain where the cause of the problem is coming from and refer you if necessary.

Habitual postures, daily activities, sport, hobbies, mattress support, state of mind, illnesses, accidents, growth patterns from birth through pregnancy to old age and possible underlying medical problems can all be reflected in the health of your back. Osteopathy can help provide relief through treatment and prevent further recurrence of injury.

* Marie welcomes you to contact her if you wish to discuss further whether osteopathy can help you.