19 February 2019 en Français
osteopathy practice and Pilates studio at Osteopilates
osteopathy: for who?

asthma - sinus and ear problems - glue ear - headaches - poor coordination and concentration - Osgood Schlatters - ADHD...(a few examples of conditions where osteopathy can help*)

Sometimes parents question the use of an osteopath for their children - surely their child shouldn't be suffering from 'old' ailments? In fact, it's the young acceleration of growth that may cause discomfort.

Toddler's heads may still be affected by physical birth trauma perhaps hindering their development. Children grow rapidly into teenagers becoming more body-conscious and perhaps adopt the 'teen slouch'. Sports, hobbies, weekend jobs, heavy schoolbags, habitual slumping over desks, computers or game consoles can all place physical demands on their changing bodies.

Osteopathy can relieve some of the tension helping the body to adjust to these physical demands. Where appropriate a spinal assessment, postural and exercise advice will form part of the treatment. Education and prevention in the younger generation can lessen the risk of problems later on in life.

* Marie welcomes you to contact her if you wish to discuss further whether osteopathy can help your child.