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osteopathy practice and Pilates studio at Osteopilates
osteopathy: for who?
osteopathy practice and Pilates studio at Osteopilates

ante and post-natal aches and pains in back, hip, pelvis, neck and shoulder - heartburn - indigestion - symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) - sciatica - (a few examples of conditions where osteopathy can help*)

Mumís body is tested to the limit during pregnancy, labour and delivery. Her body undergoes dramatic changes to physically cope with the babyís growth. Ante-natal osteopathy can treat any pre-existing strains in the pelvis and back releasing some of the tension for Mum and baby during the pregnancy. In this way osteopathy helps prepare the body ensuring optimal pelvis performance during labour as it adapts for the baby's voyage down the birth canal. Post-natal Mums can get so wrapped up in looking after their new baby (and perhaps other little ones too!) that they neglect their own aches and pains in the back and pelvis, or think it's normal.

...and babies

colic - feeding problems - sleeplessness - irritability and crying - glue ear - sinus problems - asthma - headaches - (a few examples of conditions where osteopathy can help*)

Before, during and after birth your baby can suffer from uncomfortable stresses within its head and body, especially babies who have a prolonged or quick delivery. Birth by ventouse, forceps or caesarian can be particularly traumatic for your baby. This can lead to feeding difficulties, colic and sleeplessness. You may find that they do not like being put down in their cot and prefer to be carried or perhaps prefer to move to relieve discomfort. Cranial osteopathy treatment is effective in helping babies overcome these difficulties.

Osteopathy is a safe and gentle form of treatment for you and your baby.

* Marie welcomes you to contact her if you wish to discuss further whether osteopathy can help you or your baby.