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osteopathy: for who?
sports and traffic injuries

Achilles tendonitis - golfers and tennis elbow - pulled muscle - knee injuries - shoulder, wrist, foot and ankle injuries - whiplash (a few examples of conditions where osteopathy can help*)

Whether you do sports regularly or intermittently, osteopathy can help your performance and protect your body from injury- whatever your age. If you've been pushing yourself too hard on the sports field it can help relieve any muscle or ligament strains. If you are getting involved in sports for the first time, or you are returning after a period of inactivity, an osteopath can help you gain mobility and ease stiffness.

Osteopathy can ensure your body is at its optimal performance for the big game thus reducing the risk of injury. Part of the treatment is advice about suitable warm-up and warm-down exercises to prevent injury.

If, unfortunately, you have been involved in a road traffic accident and suffered injuries then osteopathy can help relieve some of the tension in your tissues in the neck and shoulders through gentle treatment.

* Marie welcomes you to contact her if you wish to discuss further whether osteopathy can help you.