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Osteopathy and work and stress injuries

RSI - aching back - carpal tunnel syndrome - headaches - neck and shoulder stiffness - pins and needles in fingers - postural discomfort - less flexibility (a few examples of conditions where osteopathy can help*)

Whatever your work - think of how many hours per day you spend in a particular position or repeating the same activity! Perhaps you are sitting hunched over a computer, standing still, carrying heavy items ie: handbag, laptop computer, over-stretching doing manual work with one arm constantly raised or simply working in awkward positions.

Now add on to that the physical and mental stresses of everyday life such as carrying small children, housework, commuting, DIY projects, caring for relatives and accumulate these with any previous injuries you may unfortunately have incurred.

Initially your body coped with these constant stresses until gradually the aches and pains became more noticeable, less intermittent.

Osteopathy treatment can help resolve aches and pains to make life a little easier. Part of the treatment will consist of postural advice and preventative exercises to help you gain the most from your treatment and also to keep any 'maintenance' treatments from your osteopath to a minimum.

* Marie welcomes you to contact her if you wish to discuss further whether osteopathy can help you.